Working Abroad as a Barista

For many years, there has been a huge number of Irish people moving to Australia to work. Last year alone over 5,300 Irish people emigrated to Australia. One industry that is huge there, and offers plenty of jobs is the coffee industry. With over $4 billion in revenue in the coffee industry, Australia is the place to be. The coffee culture in Australia is really important, and people take their cup of coffee very seriously. Therefore, this could be a great area to focus on to land yourself a job in Australia.

If working as a barista is something you have been thinking of, here are a couple of tips:

  • Start searching for jobs before you leave. Finding work can take time, so give yourself a head start and look for jobs in the lead up to your departure.
  • Do a barista training course to set yourself ahead of the competition and will look great on your CV.

How to find a job as a Barista

There are many good websites for finding jobs in the coffee industry. One that we found really useful was the Barista Seeker. This is specific to barista work, and does all the heavy filtering for you! This is also a great starting point to search for work before you even arrive to Australia. As we mentioned above, finding a new job can take time, so this will give you a head start. Gumtree and Seek are also great for hospitality work.

Last year alone over 5,300 Irish people emigrated to Australia.

Remember, stay positive and motivated. If you don’t hear back from someone, don’t panic. Follow up with the cafe, and keep searching elsewhere. Walking into cafes with CV’s and speaking to managers can be helpful. Showcase your skills, and tell them why they need you.

In most cases in hospitality you will be asked to do a trial before being offered a job. This can range from 1 hour to a full a shift. Unfortunately these trials are usually unpaid but could be worth it if you get the job from showing them just how skilled you are.

Experience Essential

If you have been looking for work already, I am guessing you are all too familiar with the above two words! In Australia especially, you will rarely get a job as a barista without any training or experience. This doesn’t have to be a problem. Make sure you have the training needed to become a barista in Melbourne, or Sydney, or all the way to Perth! We run a Barista Essentials course that will give you the skills, experience and confidence needed to land your dream job in Oz.

Why work as a Barista in Australia?


In Australia, coffee is considered an art. The different types coffee to choose from is almost endless. From cappuccinos to long blacks, short blacks to flat whites, piccolos and so on, not to mention the range of milk alternatives. You will constantly be challenged to make the perfect coffee every time. Creativity can also be a part of your job. Who doesn’t love coffee art on their latte?



Being a barista is fun! Most cafes, especially in the bigger cities, aspire to create their own trendy personality and ambience, which means great customers, interesting co-workers. It is also a great way to meet new people when you move abroad.



Being a barista in Australia, is a high paying job. The wage varies from $17- $25/hour. Not too bad, is it?



The coffee profession is taken very seriously in Australia, and if you are a baristayou’ve got it all. You will be a highly valued member of the team, with a lot of responsibility ensuring each coffee is made to perfection.



If you are moving to Australia as a backpacker, being a barista is a great option. Not only are there jobs in bigger cities, but baristas are valued all over the country, meaning you can bring your skills with you anywhere you go.


So let’s get the ball rolling on becoming a barista. Get in touch with us today to find out when our next course is being held, and get yourself booked on.

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